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Powder Coating

You can either leave your unit in their original Zincalume form, paint them yourself or choose a colour from our extensive range of powder coating colours. Factory applied powder coating will be the most permanent finish, resisting the effects of being exposed to the external environment and more resistant to the heat and the damaging effect of infrared rays from the Sun. Due to the extreme and variable external conditions, there is no warranty on the powder coating.

There is a minimum batch cost of $66 incl. GST. if only up to 3 ventilation tiles are to be powder coated. For orders with 2 x pairs or more to be powder coated is charged at $44 per pair incl. GST.

When organising the timing of your order, please be aware that each week on a Monday or Tuesday we take the products requiring powder coating to the factory, and are usually available for us to dispatch on the Thursday or Friday of the same week.

View the 'Dulux' and 'Azko Nobel' colour chart.

Please Note:

  • There is always some colour variation to the colour sample provided by Dulux and Azko Nobel.
  • If you are printing this page, the colours will not be accurate using most printers and should not be used for colour matching purposes.
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