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Renovating for Profit

Renovating a home for profit is all about altering a property to add more to its attractiveness , physical functionality, and perceived value than the holding costs and actual cost of doing these works. It is also about untapping vaues in the property or site which have not taken place, e.g. adding a garage, creating more rooms and light.

Buying old, tired and unloved house [ie: the real estate dumps] and converting it into real estate diamonds, is not only the second love affair of most Australian's these days but a very realistic and achievable way to make phenomenal lump sum cash profits which enables 'informed' people to build wealth quickly.

Learn in 3 full days, the steps and procedure to become "a hands on expert" in property investment and renovations, and why renovation is not a hobby.
Renovating options include:

  • Cosmetic versus structural renovations.
  • Renovating to rent or sell.
  • Renovating your principal place of residence.

Course Dates and Venues for 2014 are now available. Seats are limited. Submit the Expression of Interest form form to book yourself into the 3 Day Workshop on Renovating Homes for Profit.

What you will learn

You will learn all the know how and 'nuts and bolts' of renovating a home as a profession.

These popular and intensive 3 day live Workshop is only held in Sydney, and over 60% of attendees come from beyond Sydney. By attending you will learn proven systemised property investment and renovation systems and strategies creating a business and wealth based on organising home renovations.

The all day Workshops, held on consecutive Thursday, Friday and Saturday, are designed to teach you the "nitty gritty" tactical actions [not high level theory on how to establish successful property business. The Workshop provides step by step instructions, a detailed roadmap and hundreds of personal tips and strategies on how to avoid costly mistakes in your renovation projects. You will also learn how to maximise profits in every way possible across all 8 steps of the renovation process.

Single Person, includes the 3 Manuals containing over 1,000 colour pages, including over 100 check lists, templates, scripts and a copy of all PowerPoint slides used in the workshop: Upfront Single Fee: $ 5,370 and save 10%. Single Instalments : $5,970 made up of  $995, then 5 monthly payments of $995 payable by credit card, EFT or cheque) Bring a Partner (to qualify they must be a family member, friend or business partner). Does not including a second set of the 3 Manuals and other inclusions. Plus Upfront Partner Fee: $3,429 and save 10%. Plus Partner Instalments : $3,810 made…
3 full days of Workshop ( Thursday, Friday and Saturday) lunch and morning teas. A set of 3 Manuals : You will receive a comprehensive set of renovation manuals covering the 8 steps of the renovation process at the Workshop. The 3 Manuals contain almost 1,000 pages and include numerous checklists, templates, scripts, reports and a detailed copy of all PowerPoint slides presented at the Live 3 Day Workshop. DVD copy of a 3 Day Workshop: You will also receive a DVD of a Live 3 Day Workshop. This will enables you to refresh your knowledge at any time as you move through…
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