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Workmanship Issues

Building Workmanship Problems

Problems with your builder? Call a reputable, independent building expert
This inspection is designed to help you determine if the building work that has been done is to an acceptable standard. Alternatively problems have arisen after building work has been completed and you need advice.

Situations where this service can help you:

  • The brickwork on your new home just doesn't look right. The gaps between the bricks look too wide. Is this a problem and what should be done?
  • Your new kitchen is just not what you expected. The cupboards look awful and do not match the plans. Is this acceptable?
  • You have problems with a recent bathroom renovation. The tiles are not straight and there is now a damp problem. What should be done?
  • You need help as Owner Builder to decide if the tradespeople are doing a good job. 
  • Water appears to be coming through recently installed windows. Why?

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What is included in the Inspection?

Our independent Building Inspector will spend time on-site inspecting the work that has been done. The Inspector can then advise you if the work done is to an acceptable standard and if not, what options you have to rectify the situation.

We follow up the Building Inspector's visit with a typed report that will itemise any unacceptable work that has been found, and identify what is causing the particular problem and what should be done.

Our reports can be used as evidence in building dispute tribunals or in court proceedings.

Service Fees and Booking arrangements

Please note that service fees are based on time the inspector spends on-site and time it takes to generate the report. Time spent on-site depends on a type of construction, number of bedrooms, or areas that need to be inspected. The time spent to generate a report depends on the complexity of the report (i.e. an expert witness report, or just general report). All costs quoted include GST.

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