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Owner Building has potential rewards, satisfaction and savings, but it also has compliance needs, pitfalls to be avoided and responsibilities when selling. The more you learn, the better equipped you will be. We can assist you with the  following :

COURSES. Book now into a quality and complying owner builder course in the following States:

In ACT, NSW and QLD it is compulsory to complete and Owner Builder course, see above, in order to obtain an Owner Builder Permit.

While in other states it is not compulsory, it is highly advisable to learn as much as you can, even as early as when you are considering it as an option or before drawing up plans, as building as an Owner Builder has many responsibilities and potential liabilities when constructing, organising tradesmen, overseeing building works and maintaining a complying as well as safe work site.


INSURANCES. We can provide quick and competitive quotations for the following owner builder insurances :

Construction & Public Liability Insurance : Simply advise the value of the proposed owner builder work, choose either $5 or $10,000,00 public liability cover.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance : if you intend work 'hands on', and this insurance will provide Income Protection Insurance for up to 9 other 'volunteer' (unpaid) worker friends.

Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance - When Selling. When selling in NSW, VIC and WA this Owner Builder Home Owner Warranty Insurance is compulsory.



Get It Right Inspections : on site advice before commencing to build, or while building.

Owner Builder Consultations : available soon. ( let us know if you are interested )

Owner Builder help with Project Management : available soon. ( let us know if you are interested )

Owner Builder Defects inspection and report, : required by the insurance company before they will issue OB Home Warranty Insurance.



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