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Our range of creatAspace courses, conducted by our Network of Course Providers, will help give you the knowledge and confidence to undertake your desire project and hopefully minimise mistakes. We also include  CPD courses for professional development requirements.

creatAspace is about creating or improving spaces large or small. Here is a brief overview of range of important courses and workshops :-

- Owner Building in ACT,QLD, NSW, SA, VIC, WA and soon TAS. It is not compulsory to a course in South Australia or Victoria, however gain the benefits of knowledge.

- Courses for Builders and Tradesmen, including CPD Courses to retain licences.

- Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) courses for builders, tradesmen and owner builders.

- How to invest in property, to create wealth.

- How to renovate homes, to make a profit.

- Home Owners to build, improve or maintain their homes

- Hobbies or practical 'how to' skills and techniques including DIY.

People who enrol in these Australia wide courses are home owners, aspiring owner builders, property investors (existing or aspiring), and industry practitioners such as architects, building designers, interior designers, builders and tradesmen. You can enrol online, by PDF Form sent by email, fax of by Australia Post.

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Advantages and disadvantages of different learning formats:

Workshop or Classroom: Attending an interactive and 'face to face' teaching environment is the best way to maximise your learning, gaining knowledge, understanding and insights. You look, listen and learn. You can ask questions, learn from questions asked by others and take away hard copy Manuals in which you may have made personal notes. It will require more of your time and course fees are higher.

Hard Copy Correspondence Courses: As you will receive 'hard copy' source materials to self study and to use as reference materials, due to the portability of the course materials, you can  study when and were you please. For example when travelling, commuting or on holidays. These printed materials can also be close at hand to reference or to reminder you when you commence your project. By buying the hard copy version, it is usually much cheaper than printing on your computer's printer the course materials supplied as PDFs or on-line.

On-line or PDFs Correspondence Courses: They are usually quicker to complete and cheaper. They represent solitude learning so by definition on completion, you will probably have learnt, retained and understood less. To study the course, you are tied to a computer, its access, location and when it is able be turned on. Additionally on completing the course, you do not have important reference materials close at hand for quick use when you start.

creatAspace courses concentrate on large spaces such as a property development, building a home, extending or renovating a home, or renovating small spaces such as a bathroom or kitchen.

creatAspace showcases comprehensive, current and dynamic training programs, carefully researched, designed, developed and delivered by various reputable training providers nationwide. By enrolling in a course, you will be equipped with sound knowledge and practical skills needed to achieve your goals.

Cancellation Fee: Each provider establishes their own policy. On receiving written advice of a cancellation, if we have arranged a booking and received payment, a separate BCN Adminstration and Merchant Fee of $33 will be deducted from the payment received and what the Course Provider may allow, in the calculation of the amount to be refunded.

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