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Insurances to help cover owner builders

We can assist you to arrange vital Owner Builder Insurances protection, if you are intending to directly undertake, oversee, or engage a licenced builder under your Owner Builder Permit, the construction your owner builder project.

Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Insurance in ACT, QLD, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.

This insurance can protect you from the consequences of many potential liabilities, exposure and risks when managing your construction site and building works. Protection can include damage to neighbouring properties, 'on site' accidents, building materials delivered and stored on site, as well as the value of progressive works completed and their contents. This insurance must be in place BEFORE any construction starts.

Projects can include a new, extended or renovated home (with or without a swimming pool), or stand alone projects such as a garage or deck.

IMPORTANT: In ACT, NSW, VIC and WA if you sell, up to 7 years in some States from the date of issue of a Completion or Occupation Certificate by your Local Council, you will require a Home Warranty Insurance Policy in your Contract of Sale. NOTE: A swimming pool can be included ONLY if was part of a substantial building project. Underwriters will not provide this insurance solely for a swimming pool project.



Owner Builder Personal Accident, Sickness and Volunteer (unpaid) Workers Insurance.

On a building site, accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. Construction sites still rate as one of the more dangerous places to work. Unfortunately accidents can cause hardship and additional expenses for you and any family of friends helping, though either injuries or sickness preventing attending normal work (and vital regular income relied upon), or worst case scenarios, disabilities or death. This special and important insurance is to protect up to 10 people in total, including you and your partner, family, friends or tradesmen friends who are on the site for any reason, or working on your owner builder construction site as an 'unpaid worker'.

If you or they get injured, incapicated, killed or subsquently die as a result or an accident or mishap on your site, how would you feel ? We can help you organise protection and provide peace of mind, income protection and real benefits.




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Owner Builder Personal Accident & Volunteer Workers Insurance Owner Builder Personal Accident & Volunteer Workers Insurance provides protection for you and up to another nine unpaid workers who may be helping you on site that may injure themselves and cannot attend their paid employment. By organising this insurance, you are…
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