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About Us

The Building Centre Network has operated since 2007 as a niche marketing and sales company, specialising in the building and renovating industries. We market a wide range of quality services offered by others and a boutique range of innovative Smart Products.

This is achieved through this comprehensive website which is organised to promote the services of our Network members in ‘information + advice’ sections; a diverse 'courses' section; or specific Directories and a growing network of specialised associated websites, for example, which can help you find specialised retail outlets of building products, finishes, equipment and services.

The Building Centre Network is an independent and self funding private enterprise company and to be able to assist people and provide such a diverse range of industry and community services, we receive marketing, listing or Network membership representation fees. If you are interested in joining one, or more of our Networks, we look forward to initially hearing from you via a Network With Us email enquiry.

Through our extensive range of specialised Networks, The Building Centre Network can offer professionals, property investors, home owners, owner builders and Strata or Retirement Village Bodies, solutions and expertise by introducing you to appropriate members of our Networks of independent and external Professional Consultants, Service Providers, and retail suppliers of products, some of which include:

  • Courses
  • Inspections
  • Smart Products
  • Insurances
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • An Organisations Index Directory
  • Showrooms Directory
  • and more..

How we can help you?

Advice, Information, Inspections and Report Services

If you are seeking quality building information; or design ideas, potential concepts and feasibility alternatives; or problem solving solutions, you will need to engage the services of specialised consultants who have the extensive knowledge and experience, and who are members of our various advice or learning (course) Networks. 

Look for the expertise you need in our Get It Right Services section, included the Consultant Profiles outlined in the You Choose section of this website. If you need assistance, on learning of your need(s), we can help introduce you to the most appropriate consultant or provider. Initially you are best to contact us using the appropriate Online Enquiry Form.

Due to reasons of legal liability and as we are not able to see the prevailing or extenuating circumstances, we do not provide any advice over the telephone nor via email. It is only by meeting and visiting your site, namely bringing the experience and expertise of the advisor to see first hand the problem or need, can you receive reliable and correct advice.


Our Mission Statement

Consumers : We aim to listen and understand the needs and circumstances of the people who contact us from anywhere in Australia for their building or renovation needs, and where possible help them find, and introduce them to an appropriate Service Provider, who can professionally and ethically assist them.

Service Providers : We aim to attract ethical, compliant and expert Consultants and Service Providers to join our ever-growing Network of specialty services, thus providing the expertise and quality solutions to Consumers, Professionals, and Trades.

Our Services : We aim to maintain Networks of leading relevant and professional services, to assist Consumers with their important requirements at all stages of the building or renovation processes. We aim to constantly expand existing networks and add new networks of services.

Education : We aim to guide and educate Consumers, Professionals and trade to find the right direction and resources for their needs. We aim to expand the range of Courses, conducted by others, that we select and market to assist Consumers Professionals, and Trades, to learn, keep up-to-date or obtain their professional development (CPD) requirements.

Inspections  + Advice: Through our Get It Right Network we market a network of external Consultants who provide reliable, timely, professional and experienced advice, on a fee-for-service basis.

Websites : Our websites are intended to provide basic insight to many aspects of building and renovating as well as to showcase independent businesses or organisations that will provide the solutions directly.

Retail Showroom Directory : Through our website we aim to assist consumers to easily locate appropriate retail showrooms for their needs. We provide proprietors of retail showrooms and stores with the opportunity to promote their business to home owners, owner builders, design professionals, builders and trades.

Smart Products : We promote a range of innovative, unusual and quality products.

Network With Us : If you are an organisation or individual, with extensive knowledge and experience, providing quality service, products or solutions, and you conduct your business ethically, fully complying and with high levels of customer service, you are welcome to contact us to become a member of an appropriate network.

EXPLANATION: We do not provide advice to technical questions where asked, rather we introduce those enquiring to Consultants that have the expertise and experience to assist. Such professional assistance is usually based on the need to visit the property or site to see first-hand the prevailing circumstances and potential solutions, thus there are associated fees for this service. 



This private enterprise business is managed by David Kessler who has more than 41 years experience in the building information and advisory service industries. He was the pioneer of pre-purchase inspections in Australia, was the Managing Director of the Sydney Building Information Centre before its exhibition was sold in July 2005 and has also been a member of a Federal Government Committee relating to the dissemination of building research information; as well as being a member of numerous Standards Australia committees.

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