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Tangle Free Extension Storage Reel

Tangle Free Extension Storage Reel


This is a light and easy to use portable reel to automatically wind up and store your electrical extension leads. This clever and unique product is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Using the handle, you can effortlessly wind up your electrical extension cord without any twists or tangles, ready for quick deployment the next time. The storage reel has built in feet to stand on a horizontal surface, and built in holes to wall mount using four screws. This is a smart, safe, secure, compact and convenient way of storing your otherwise messy extension cords. When using  your electrical extension lead, always unwind it from the Storage Reel.

Ideal for builders, tradesmen, offices, factories, in caravans and around the home, the robust Storage Reels are available in one colour, and in two sizes:-

MODEL 20 : Capable of storing a 20m heavy duty extension lead.

MODEL 40 : Capable of storing a 40m heavy duty extension lead.

NOTE: An electrical extension lead is not included with a purchase.

You may also be interested in our Tangle Free Garden Hose Auto Retracting Storage Reel.


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35mm Photo Multi Scanner

35mm Photo Multi Scanner


This Photo Multi Scanner is compatible with either a Mac or PC computer. It is an easy and ideal way to preserving your valuable film images in a digital format.

Converting your photo paper, film slides and negatives into a digital format allows you to easily preserve your memories without having to rely on, nor pay for, an expensive conversion service.

After road testing a number of different films and slide image scanners, we have selected this model in our range of Smart Products, because of the quality digital images that it produces.



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