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Investing in Property

Buying a home can be your first and best investment in property. Why ? Because under the current tax laws, whatever ‘profit’ you make when you go to sell it, is legitimately tax-free!

With this fantastic benefit and upside in mind, study the property market carefully knowing that the profits and return your investment will usually be significant. This is also a very good reason to renovate your proposed new home if it is all or a bit run down, or existing home. Such renovations could be confined to the kitchen and bathrooms only, which will significantly increase the value of your property (home).

For others, buying and selling property; buying, improving and selling property; buying improving and renting property, is a fantastic form of investment compared with the variable share market, and comparative low interest rates and returns of investment funds with a bank or financial institution.

Some of the wealthiest people in of Australia have made their fortune investing in property. Investing in property can include residential property, offices, retail commercial, industrial and shopping centre properties. Two outstanding examples are Frank Lowy and the Westfield Group, as well as Harry Triguboff the Meriton Group, Australia's largest developer of home units. Remember they both started from scratch.

There are a few outstanding courses from which to learn from experienced and successful people, how to start small and grow from there. Like all investments, it pays to do your homework before you take the plunge into property. But even with rising interest rates, a sound strategy can pay off. The shortage of rental properties, combined with rising prices in most markets, means that if you choose the right property and make sure you keep a close eye on your investment, you could reap the rewards.

Below are a range of services to help you with your property investment:

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