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When peace of mind and maximum protection are important to you.
Insurance protection for common property

In community living it is important collective peace of mind to have an insurance policy in place to protect common property as well as Public Risk Liability. It is important to obtain a policy with the best possible collective protection. Remember having insurance does not give you cover for wear and tear on the building and any consequential damage such as rusting brick ties which may result in a wall collapsing. Strata Block and Retirement Villages owners are responsible to properly maintain their property and assets. We invite you to obtain an insurance quotation for your Strata or retirement village needs via us.

In some states it is compulsory to have a preventative maintenance program established and carried out. Our 'Inspection Section' can assist in preparing a professional Preventive Maintenance schedule. Another easily overlooked aspect of common property is that of timber, which require proper and regular inspections for termite activity. An insurance policy does not provide cover for damage to structural timbers caused by invading termites. Our Inspection Section can assist you to organise termite inspections.


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