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Earn Professional Development Points

Professional Business Services & Building Courses for Small and Medium Builders in NSW.

You can earn all your CPD Points by completing a CPD building course, which you can either download online and study in the comfort of your own home or attend a 1 day workshop. We have a wide range of building courses you can select from.

Acceptable CPD activities include workshops (seminars), conferences, forums, courses, trade nights, and formal meetings. The topics covered in these CPD activities must relate to at least one of the eight (8) topics as approved by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

From 1st January 2008, the new CPD System now involves the following:

  • you must accumulate at least 12 points every 12 months or 36 points every 3 years, depending on whether you hold a one year or three year licence.
  • the relevant 12 months under the new CPD system started from the date that you first renewed your licence in 2008
  • if you renewed your licence for three (3) years back in 2007, the relevant 12 months under the new CPD system was from when you would have first renewed your licence in 2008 if you had only renewed it for one year in 2007 (eg: if your licence was renewed on 8 November 2007 for 3 years you would be under the new CPD system starting from 8 November 2008). Contact the OFT for any clarification on PH: 13 32 20
  • if you accumulate more than 12 points in the relevant 12 months, you can roll over up to 11 extra CPD points into the next 12 months
  • you can claim up to a maximum of 4 points in each 12 months:
    • for employing apprentices or trainees (one point per apprentice / trainee)
    • points accumulated by your business partner

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Workshop CPD Courses

Workshop CPD Courses

Our CPD workshop courses, conducted by our network of providers, represent face to face quality workshops of specifically developed workshops for professional businesses and builders.

Workshop Courses available now include :

  • Building a Better Building Business - A FREE Introduction evening - ( 1 Point)
  • Building a Better Building Business ( 2 days on a Thursday & Friday, 12 Points)

A preview of imoirtant new Workshop Courses, from new course providers, to be added soon.

  • Timber is tops and sustainable
  • Basic OHS understanding and compliance
  • How to be a top Project Manager
  • How to estimate reliably and accurately
  • Business Management ( 6 hours, 6 CPD Points)
  • Asbestos Awareness ( 3 hours, 3 CPD Points)
  • Safety in Design ( 6 hours, 6 CPD Points)
  • OHS Risk Management for Supervisors and Managers ( 2 days, 13 CPD Points)
  • How to become an accredited Building Consultant


From 1st January 2008, all licensed builders and swimming pool builders under the new CPD system will be required to accumulate at least 12 points in each year.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development System) plays a crucial part in improving the standards within the building industry, safety on the work site, protection to consumers and the building services provided to the community.

Expression of Interest CPD Workshop Courses

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Online CPD Courses


These informative and useful Online CPD Courses, offered by approved NSW Office of Fair Trading Course Providers, are applicable for all NSW builders and swimming pool builders CPD (Continuing Professional Development) licence needs. As they are accessible online, you can study and earn CPD points day or night, either at home or in your office.

These courses have been prepared by specialists in their respective fields, who are prepared to assist you on completion of the course. We also offer a range of CPD Workshops and CPD Hard Copy Correspondence courses.

Choose from the following CPD Online courses:

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