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Payment Needs and Issues

It is prudent to have your project inspected prior to the release of any progress payments to ensure that you are not paying for more work than has actually been completed. The object of the Building Progress Payment report is to ensure that the amount quoted by the builder at each crucial stage of construction and or at the time of a progress payment claim or for 'extras', represents the true value of the workmanship and the construction materials used. Receiving such independent advice may circumvent contractual disputes and other unwanted hassles.

The Building Centre Network recommends that a progress inspection take place at any time a progress payment claim is received from the builder, but in the least at the completion of the following three critical stages:

  1. Framing and Foundation
    The installation of wall and roof frames is perhaps the most fundamental and critical stage of the building process. The progress inspection will check the method of installation for the wall and roof frames and ensure that it is compliant with Australian standards.
  2. Brickwork and Roof tiling
    This inspection assesses the quality of the brickwork and roof tiling to confirm that the wall cavities and the weep holes are left clean as required by Australian Standards. In addition, the placement of flashings and the tying of the brickwork to the house frame will be assessed.
  3. Practical Completion
    Once the project is ostensibly completed, an inspector needs to scrutinise the finishes, fittings and accessories in making an overall assessment of the project.

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