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We and our Quality Service Providers attempt to simultaneously provide only Quality and Value.

To air condition (cool and or heat) any home or building requires careful and competent guidance by experienced consultants or engineers. It is a complex area, with many options, technologies (eg. inverter) and considerations.

Whether it is residential, business or corporate from a single air conditioner to a building, data centre, retail or industrial site, we are the right choice for all your air conditioning service needs.

The following four philosophies and practices underpin the entirety of our businesses:

  1. A job worth doing, is a job worth doing properly
  2. It is the small things that can make the BIG differences
  3. What you pay is what you get - the cheapest price will give the cheapest work
  4. Be honest, careful, have integrity and be Law abiding (comply with all Laws & Governances)

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Things you should know when buying an Air Conditioning system

For Ducted, Multi-Split and VRV solutions,we can assist you with either professional and independent consultation services or a "Start to Finish" proposal and solution.

Split Systems. Unfortunately we do not provide services associated with a single split system as sold by large retailers.

Modern Air Conditioning is the installation of an Outdoor Unit and an Indoor Unit(s) which are connected by two refrigerant lines that are charged with gases. One refrigerant line conducts gasses from the Indoor Unit(s) to the Outdoor Unit, which in turns cools the refrigerant gases in Summer. The cooler gas then returns to the Indoor Unit using the second charged line. There are strict guide lines and regulation regarding these gases and their handling to protect our environment. There are now available more environmentally friendly gasses. Reputable manufacturers use the most environmentally friendly gases available or as regulated by Australia Standards.

Air conditioning systems can be either Cooling ONLY or Reverse Cycle. A Reverse Cycle System cools in Summer and heats in Winter. Most closed circuit systems are available as Reverse Cycle these days, so that the home or building can be both cooled and heated. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air in the form of condensate at the Indoor Unit. This reduces the uncomfortable effects of humidity in Summer.

The Indoor Unit either directly acts as the air outlet and return air in one as is the case for split, or multi-split units, or have a series duct work in a roof space taking the air to all the rooms using usually ceiling or pelmet outlets, plus a "return air" grill and filter, hence the are called a ducted system. As a ducted system has only one indoor unit, they are usually less expensive for installations greater than two rooms.

Large Buildings often use a different air conditioning system involving a cooling tower mounted on the roof of the building (or some appropriate external area), which uses water and chemicals.

Three important considerations:

  1. Running Costs
    With electricity costs always on the rise, choose a system with the lowest running costs. A slightly more expensive system with lower running costs will be more economic for you in the years ahead.
  2. Spare Parts
    Obtaining spare parts in the years ahead is important. There are cheap systems available made in factories usually in Asia and "badged". In our opinion, there will be great difficulty obtaining spare parts after 3 to 5 years. However many of the larger and well established companies do have spare part available for up to 10 years after they were manufactured.
  3. Well Designed and Quality Made
    There is a plethora of brands on the market. It is important to choose a brand where you can established it had been designed and manufactured by the supplier directly and not just a cheap unit "badged". The latter are usually noisier, cost more to run, rust and do not have spare parts readily available in the years ahead.

Air Conditioning for new homes or buildings

If you are building and wish to install air conditioning in either your new home, extension or building, call us and then post or email a set of plans. Better still engage an Air Conditioning Engineer before you finalise your design so that the system can be accomodated and accessed.

Air Conditioning for existing homes or buildings

If you have an existing home or building that requires either a broken down system to be replaced or to introduce air conditioning, call us to have a preliminary discussion and to assess some options. Introducing air conditioning into an existing home or building is usually very challenging and requires experience and creativity.

Smart Zones Air Conditioning

Did you know that it is possible to have individual temperature control in a ducted system? It is now possible with any system using a Smart Zone system that manages the air flow independently of the ducted system (indoor and outdoor units). Subject to access, a Smart Zone system can even be installed with an existing system to make it more efficient, effective and comfortable.

Each room that has a Smart Zone has its own remote control which incorporates a thermostat, small ceiling communication port and motorised damper.

A Smart Zone system working with a ducted system has the following benefits:
  • Each person can set the temperature that they find most comfortable in their own bedroom or office space overcoming the problem when some people find it too hot or too cool
  • A room that is upstairs and faces north in Summer will need more cool air. A Smart Zones constantly checks the prevailing temperature and sends more or less conditioned air to that room as well as each Smart Zone as required where a Smart Zone had been installed
  • A bedroom, board room or office that is not being used can be turned off saving energy and electricity costs
  • Smart Zones are dynamic. If one is installed in a room that has more people in it, thus generating more heat, the Smart Zones reconsideds this and delivers more conditioned air

Very few people have access to and expertise in Smart Zones. We do!

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