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Learn the basics of home building and more
Home Owners Course - For Victoria Only

For any new home or renovation there are many important design aspects to be considered. There are often cost savings and practical benefits by spending time on getting the design right before commencing. Even if you already have plans drawn up, can you be sure everything will work or if there are savings to be obtained with small changes? Can you introduce more passive design elements, to use less energy in your home and reduce your electricity or gas bills? This module will explain how passive design can make your home economical to live in, while also covering the different options you have when designing your home, such as using: the services of an architect, building designer, drafts people or trying to do it yourself ( D.I.Y.).


This course comprises of 3 packages (Package A - 2.1), (Package B - 2.2 + 2.3), (Package C - 2.4 + 2.5), each package can be done individually to your choice without having to complete all.

Below are the Home Building course modules:

  • Home Building Module 2.1 Design Check
  • Home Building Module 2.2 Estimating, Cost control plus occupational Health & Safety
  • Home Building Module 2.3 Off site co-ordination + Administration, On site supervision, Planning & Permits
  • Home Building Module 2.4 Specification workshop A - Contracts + Insurances
  • Home Building Module 2.5 Specification workshop B - Materials & Systems, Identification, Product & Material information


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