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Investing in Property Course
Investing in Property Course

Property is a long standing form of investment, where people with knowledge and experience have been able to expand their personal income and assets (wealth). However, many people do not know where to start, how to best protect themselves, or how to maximise or optimise their investments. By enrolling in a certified independent and credible property course on property investment, you can find easy and trusted answers, as well as knowledge and guidelines to successful property investment strategies and practice. The courses are conducted in Melbourne and Sydney..

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This foundation, or introductory, course to property investment has been written to provide students with a fundamental level of understanding about the property market. It is suitable for students with a small amount of investment experience or no experience at all. The course takes place over two days of a weekend and includes the Saturday night dinner, where informal discussion takes place.The goal of this intensive course is to provide you with a very good basis of understanding of the best and most fruitful manner in which to approach your property investment goals.

The benefits of taking a formal course in this complex and specialised area of property investment include maximising your investment, protecting yourself, by having a more in-depth understanding of the many aspects and considerations of investing in property. To help you to be well prepared as possible and this is achieved by: Each course participant receives a comprehensive set of course notes, covering all information relevant to providing you with a solid understanding of property investment. Students have access to the very best market research at a fraction of the cost that property professionals pay Students have the opportunity after…
To ensure that all aspects of property investment are covered, the course lecturing team are experienced and often qualified or trained in their related fields. Some of these areas of specialty include: Property Buying and Selling Legal Accounting Finance Personal Investors Property Valuation Real Estate Developers Building Professionals The formal qualifications of lecturers range from engineering, legal, business, accounting, real estate, and carpentry.
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