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How they are installed

Using your own new or existing exhaust fan from your kitchen range hood, bathroom or laundry, this clever concealed venting solution consists of a zincalume Vent-Out Adaptor which is fitted to a dedicated Slimline Corrugated 'Venting' Unit made of zincalume Bluescope steel.

The corrugated 'self-venting unit', needs to be installed from the outside. This can be done by any local roof installer. In most capital cities of Australia, we can often organise an installer to carry this out this work for you. For safety reasons it is not recommended for the handyman to do this work. This almost 'invisible' solution is ideal for new homes and are easily installed in existing homes, or when carrying out a renovation of your kitchen, bathroom or home, as it is simply a matter of cutting a small rectangular hole and installing just below the ridge cap of your roof.

Download full Installation Instructions

Simply attach flexible ducting from the bathroom exhaust fan or kitchen range hood to a special Aadaptor Kit. The adaptor is made from zincalume steel and is perfect for colorbond roofs.

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