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Vent out your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry

By installing a kit comprising of a dedicated corrugated roofing ventilation Unit, with either a single or double spigot adaptor, you can simply connect the 150mm diameter flexible ducting from the bathroom, kitchen or laundry exhaust systems. This product can only be installed in a metal sheeting roof, with a corrugated profile, the end result is these unwanted used air can 'vent out' directly to the outside in an efficient, effective and virtually invisible manner.

Corrugated Vent-out Adaptor Corrugated Vent-out Adaptor $110.00 (Per ) View & Order this product

Order your Venting Out Kit nominating the Adaptor to have either 'one' or 'two' spigots.

To connect additional ventilation lines to these adaptors, we can also supply a plastic 'Y' adaptor to which 150mm flexible ducting can be connected. We can supply flexible ducting in 6m lengths and duct tape. To maximise the efficiency of your exhaust fan system, keep the line of your flexible ducting as straight as possible, so it is ideal to place your Venting Out Kit directly above the room where the ventilation fan and or range hood is located.

These corrugated roof ventilation units are made of strong Bluescope Zincalume Steel, which are easily installed from the outside and fit under the ridge capping. We can organise to have these ventilation units factory powder coated to the range of past and current Colorbond colours. Be aware that for existing roofs, the original colour will have faded so there may be a slight colour variation.

In bush fire prone areas, order the optional fitting of stainless steel mesh.

This elegant and virtually concealed venting out solution is both watertight and barely visible. It is important to hygienically vent out unwanted used air directly to the outside. This solution enables you to also comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

These Venting Out Kits can be installed in new homes or buildings and easily retrofitted to existing properties. To help reduce your cooling or heating costs, also consider installing pairs of these Australian designed and made corrugated roofing ventilation units. Savings of up to 20% off electricity and gas bills can be achieved by effectively ventilating the roof space.

We sell these 'venting out kits' Australia wide and Worldwide.

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Using your own new or existing exhaust fan from your kitchen range hood, bathroom or laundry, this clever concealed venting solution consists of a zincalume Vent-Out Adaptor which is fitted to a dedicated Slimline Corrugated 'Venting' Unit made of zincalume Bluescope steel. The corrugated 'self-venting unit', needs to be installed…
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Under the Building Code of Australia, for new homes it is illegal to duct air from the home into the roof space. For existing homes it is simply unhygienic and encourages insects especially cockroaches and other pests to live and multiply. We believe this is the most superior quality and…
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