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Roof ventilation products to cool your home

To enjoy a cooler home in Summer and to have a warmer home in Winter for ZERO running costs, install this effective product in your existing or new home or when building an extension ! You will achieve a big saving with dramatically rising electricity and gas costs.

This brilliant Australian roof space ventilation product has been specially designed to be installed as an integral part of a metal sheeting roof with a 'corrugated profile'. This innovative product is the latest, best and virtually inconspicuous roof space ventilation solution for corrugated Colorbond clad roofs.

When this product is installed in sufficient pairs, your home will be significantly cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter, minimising your need to cool or heat your home, thus substantially saving you money.With the costs of electricity and gas skyrocketing, now you can so something to save your pocket and budget.

Think of a pot in which you are steaming vegetables. To keep more steam in, you create a small opening with the lid. To allow more steam to escape, you allow a larger opening of the lid. So when deciding how many pairs to install, remember the venting of your roof space will be more effective by installing more pairs rather than less.

A good rule of thumb is to install one pair 1.5 metres from the end of the ridge line for each section of roof, and subsequent pairs evenly spaced approximately 4.5 metres apart, with the final pair approximately 1.5 metres from the other end. The average home may require between 2 and 4 pairs of these roof space ventilation units. On skillion roofs, they can also be installed in pairs one below the top one using our special 'intermediate flashing' piece to ensure the waterproof integrity of the roof is maintained.

These special hollow Zincalume 'ventilation' roof units are specially designed for corrugated or Colorbond roofs, so when they are installed under the ridge cap they fit snugly on the roof in an integrated fashion and are hardly noticeable. They need to be installed in pairs straddling each side of the ridge capping. In this way hot air escapes from one, while cooler air is drawn in through the other creating an effective and natural convection current.

So even on the very hot summer days when there is no breeze, using these products and nature, your hidden roof space is silently, effectively and healthily self ventilating which otherwise can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome and condensation forming and fungi growing in winter. They are ideal to be retro fitted in existing homes, garages, sheds or buildings, as well as installed when building a new home, shed, extension or building. This unique and invisible product, designed and made in Australia, is easily installed from the outside.

[PRICES FROM July 2018: $275.00 incl GST per pair. There has been no increase since 2009. ]

Option for Corrugated Skillion Roof Types. A skillion roof is a single sloping pitched roof surface on it's own. Unlike most conventional roof types which join at the peak to connect another section of the roof. Click here to read more about 'Corrugated Skillion Roofs'

Optional Kitchen and Bathroom Venting Out application. In addition to the important function of roof space ventilation, by installing dedicated ventilation Units with either a 'single' or 'double' Adaptor you can connect the 50mm diameter flexible ducting from kitchen or bathroom ventilation systems, to duct this unwanted air directly to the outside.

Bush Fire Area Compliance. By These Units now come manufactured with 1.7 diameter perforations, well below the 2.0 BAL recommendation !

Powder Coating Option. They are manufactured and supplied in Zincalume. Alternatively placing your order with us, you can instruct us to have your units factory powder coated to a Colorbond colour which closely matches the standard Colorbond colour range. We supply Australia wide, with or without powder coating. Payment in full is required before powder coating. July 2018 POWDER COATING PRICE $28 incl GST each Unit.

The old fashioned alternative of an ugly, sticking up on your roof and potentially noisy rotating ventilator (a nuisance when trying to sleep at night), which by its very design requires a breeze to operate, does not work when there is no breeze such as on still hot days ! With our innovative and virtually invisible hollow ventilation roof units, they are silently working away when there is no breeze, however when a breeze is present, the air movement in the roof space increases as the Venturi Principle draws even more air in and out.

With our unique integrated Roof Ventilation Unit, there are no noisy moving parts, no future maintenance needs and no unsightly protruding object sticking out of your roof. Just a healthier home where you will also be enjoying year round lower running costs to cool or heat your home. There are three versions for concrete and terracotta tiled roofs.

Architects and Building Designers, specify these aesthetically and highly functional superior integrated Ventilation Units. Remember if you like and want this amazing product, with its two important applications and benefits, specify a 'corrrugated' roof, as it is only compatible with a corrugated profile.

Here is an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald about the issues involving unventilated roofs - Click Here.

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