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Solar Recharger Bag

Solar Recharger Bag Solar Recharger Bag $190.00 (Per piece) View & Order this product

The Solar Recharger Bag has three built-in solar collectors on one side, and a concealed rechargeable battery ('standby battery') which is recharged by solar energy, from which you can recharge your portable devices with 6 Volt inputs. The bag has a laptop compartment, the separated compartment has padded walls which protects your laptop from impact, scratches, and excessive wear or anything that you would carry in a convenient bag this size. However, do keep in mind, it will not charge a laptop.

When you are not on the move, the rechargeable standby battery can also have energy supplied (topped up) from a car cigarette lighter or from an AC power supply, e.g. a power point.

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For maximum organisation of your items required for your busy day, the Solar Recharger Bag has two major padded compartments, each with internal pockets and some pen holders. All external zippers are water proof with a soft self-covering flap over the zipper. The zippers themselves are a high quality and inverted so that water cannot seep through, particularly when raining. The bag is lightweight and compact, making it practical and convenient for busy, active and people always on the move. External dimensions are 41cm wide x 32cm high x 13cm thin. Internal dimensions are 40cm wide x 28cm high x…
Connection devices supplied: A USB cable and jack for charging an iPOD, MP3 players, plus 10 inputs jacks for mobile phones and a mini USB jack for GPS. Nokia (2 jack options). Sony Ericsson (2 jack options). Samsung (2 jack options). Motorola (2 jack options, one of which is a mini USB). LG (2 jack options) all of which plug into the 'standby battery'. Specifications of the solar panels and rechargeable 'standby battery': Power (Max): 3.33 W (System)/ 2.52 W (Solar) Power Bank Output: 5 V (USB) / 6 V (DC-out) Power Bank Input: 5V; 500 mA Solar…
The 'standby battery' of the Solar Recharger Bag can be recharged in three ways: strong sunlight, takes approximately 4 hours, less sunlight longer. a power point, using the AC Adaptor supplied, takes 2.5 to 3 hours. a car cigarette lighter port, using the Adaptor supplied takes 2.5 to 3 hours. The mobile device is then connected to the 'standby battery' using one of the supplied jacks (see the list of supplied jacks in the Technical Details section), for charging. The manufacturer claims a full charging of the 'standby battery' will provide an average of 4 hours standby time or 10 minutes talk time…
The Solar Recharger Bag features three lightweight built in solar panels built into the outside of the bag. These solar panels generate an electric current when exposed to sunlight. This electric current is stored in the removable 'standby battery' or Power Bank, which connects to the solar panels using the fixed cable. Insert the fixed cable into the IN socket. The 'standby battery' is then held in place, by sliding it into the elastic material pouch behind the solar panels. This stored energy from the 'standby battery' is used to charge your mobile devices, MP3 players, iPods and iPhones by simply connecting…
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