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This elegant and 'space saving' multi-functional Kitchen Mixer Tap, with a built-in Water Filter Tap combined into the one unique tap, we believe it is the only one of its type on the market. The secret is the tap's spout which has two outlets. One is for hot and cold water to wash or rinse dishes, the other is for the filtered water.

2 in 1 Kitchen Mixer Tap 2 in 1 Kitchen Mixer Tap $323.00 (Per piece) View & Order this product

This multi-functional and space saving designer tap is ideal for new kitchens in homes, or for top end developers of home unit blocks and town houses, as it incorporates a compact quality below sink water filter unit in the one tap. This elegant and highly functional tap complies with AS 3718 and has a WELS 3 Star Rating .

If you wish to introduce filtered water in an existing kitchen, bars, outdoor entertaining areas, office or factory kitchenettes, simply engage a plumber to replace your existing mixer tap with this one. 

The water is filtered through a 'below sink' quality water filter {which efficiently removes sediment, taste and odour for sparkling, fresh tasting water), which is integrated in the one tap using a supplied 'T' plumbing piece. The filtered water line is operated by a second twist 'tap' on the main body of the '2 in 1' Kitchen Mixer tap. The clever swivel spout, which has two internal water channels in the casting, also has two outlets one for the filtered water and the other for the hot and cold dish washing water.

This innovative and quality '2 in 1' Kitchen Mixer Tap, designed and built here in Australia, is available in polished chrome or brushed chrome finishes. It is supplied with a 5 year Australian Manufacturer's Warranty.

Businesses save money immediately, cancel that bottled water service in your office or factory. No need to ever have to lift and handle heavy plastic bottles of water again. How good would that be for our environment, by to reducing the number of plastic bottles going to the garbage tip or being recycled . ?

Your can purchase the '2 in 1' Mixer Tap separately for the following circumstances :

RURAL AREAS: The '2 in 1' Mixer Tap can be fitted to your rain water tank with a pressure pump and filter. It comes supplied with a grey plastic flow guide to replace the aerator, thus maximising water pressure.

OTHER FILTER SYSTEMS: It can also be used to connect your own existing water filter or reverse osmosis system. 


Apart from superior quality, support Australian manufacturing and employment. These superb products are designed and built here for our conditions, life styles and with years of readily available spare parts.


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