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Customer Feedback

Concrete Ventilation Tiles

ZM, Glenmore Park NSW

Living in the Western suburbs of Sydney in a Two storey home with black roof tiles, we have always found that of an afternoon in the hotter months that the upstairs floor always traps the heat. Walking up the stairs you could always feel the heat worsening as you kept climbing. The upstairs was very hot and unbearable at times requiring the air conditioner to be put to immediate use.

We have found that since installing the tile ventilators that on the hotter days we did not require the air conditioner to be on, and just by slightly opening the windows when we get home, it keeps the atmosphere upstairs pleasant. The upstairs on hotter days is much much cooler and fresh when we first arrive home.

Before we installed the tile ventilators, standing in our bathroom on a hot day being "6 ft. 3", I could feel the heat from the roof coming down through the bathroom exhaust fan. Now I don't notice it at all.

In regard to the photos inside the ceiling, it was 4.30pm on a 32 degree day and I was sitting quite comfortably in the roofspace in order to get the photos, something I would not have been able to do before.

I would recommend this type of roof ventilation system as we can see the immediate difference it has made to our house and living conditions.

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