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How they work and the Benefits

How They Work

With these ‘ventilation’ tiles installed, the hot Roof Space air is now ventilated giving you a more comfortable and pleasant home or building all year round.

  • Sarking is installed in roofs as a thermal barrier to reduce heat entering, but it is an insulation barrier containing air in the roof space.
  • Ceiling insulation is intended to reduce the passing of heat or cool, by conduction, between the living spaces and roof space.
  • When ceiling insulation is installed in a roof with sarking, the roof space temperature increase by up to 20 degrees Celcius!
  • Sarking and Ceiling insulation perform the same function of insulation in the walls, top and bottom of ovens and refrigerators.
  • When air remains trapped in the roof space in Summer with nowhere to escape, the air gets hotter and hotter as with an oven.
  • When air remains trapped in the roof space in Winter with nowhere to escape, the air gets colder and colder as in a refrigerator.
  • When air is trapped the roof space in Winter, condensation is created with direct water damage and fungi grows (read Article above).
  • Convection is air movement created when hot air rises and can escape when cooler air can enter.
  • As this product works because of the Convection Principle, unlike traditional protruding 'birds', these work when there is no breeze!
  • The Venturi Principle is that when there is a breeze for example, passes over an opening it draws air from that opening.
  • The'ventilation' tiles are installed in pairs, one vent tile is for the air to enter the roof space, the other is where the air can leave.
  • A series of pairs of 'inlet' and 'outlet' ventilation tiles are simply installed with one side a few tiles below the ridge capping and on the other side just a few tiles above the gutter.
  • With sufficient pairs of Concrete or Terracotta 'ventilation' tiles installed, your home or building will be more comfortable significantly reducing your energy bills

The Benefits

Installing an appropriate number of pairs of these 'ventilation' tiles, based on the size and configuration of your roof will:

  • Silently keep your home or building cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter.
  • Keep your hidden roof space drier in Winter with less damaging condensation being formed.
  • Reduce your need to cool or heat your home or building, thus providing real savings in energy bills.
  • Reduce your consumption of matters that cause 'green house gases' to be produced.
  • Contribute practically and positively to reducing global warming.
  • Experience maintenance-free and energy consumption free benefits as they have no moving parts.
  • Enjoy a virtually inconspicuous solution. They can be powder coated to match the colour of your roof.
  • Using a special Adaptor, connect the flexible ducts from your kitchen and bathrooms vent systems.
  • In Bush Fire prone areas they can be used with the optional Stainless Steel mesh to be fitted over vent outlet.
  • If you have or plan to install air conditioning, these 'ventilation' products will help reduce your need to use your system. Also imaging how much more taxing it is for a ducted air conditioner in the Roof Space to be trying to work in a hot oven environment in Summer or in an Ice Box in Winter. How much more electricity will it require to operate? With electricity costs to rise by 30% in the years ahead, this is a wise investment which will save you dollars and also contribute to reducing green gas emissions.
  • By installing a few pairs of these ventilation roofing products, the chances of fungi developing in your roof space are significantly reduced. Additionally your home will be even cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. In winter there will be less potential for condensation to build up to damage your home.
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