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Features and Benefits

  • No twisted electrical extension cords to untangle
  • Quick and easy to wind up and store away
  • Compact and contained storage (for your Van, UTE, Home or Office)
  • Being securely contained, the cable will not catch on other objects

  • Quick to unwind and ready to use
  • Light, strong and durable
  • A large intergrated handle to wind or for ease to carry
  • 2 secure feet to rest on a flat surface while winding up
  • 4 positioning holes to hang on the wall
  • Injection moulded manufacture, ensures it is strong and heavy duty
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Available in two sizes, MODEL 20- which is capable of holding a 20m heavy duty extension cord, the other MODEL 40- capable of storing a 40m heavy duty extension cord.


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