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Builders Home Warranty Insurance

The Builder undertaking the work is required to obtain Home Warranty Insurance for every project they undertake where the total work costs exceeds $12,000. The Owner of the property is the beneficiary of the Insurance. Any future Home Owner of that property within the statutory period is also protected. The Builder obtains no benefit from this Insurance.

Builders Home Warranty Insurance is set for a period of 12 months and reviewed annually there after.

To aquire this insurance, the applicant will need to complete an eligibility form and provide financials (if a company) or tax returns (if a sole trader) or sometimes just complete the form depending on the applicants assets and previous trading history.

South Australia and Western Australia follow similar regulation whereas Victoria have a model more aligned to NSW, however, NSW is more complex from both a licensing point of view and coverage. All other states and territories are either Government controlled or do not require the product to be compulsory.


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