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Course Contents

You will learn the following 8 important steps:

Step 1 – How to determining a target area

  • how to select a 'region' based on your affordability.
  • selecting 3 or less target suburbs or townships.
  • how to identify suburbs or regions with renovation potential.
  • inner city suburbs and key purchase criteria.
  • metropolitan suburbs, key purchase criteria.
  • regional areas, key purchase criteria.
  • suburbs where renovations will not work.

Step 2 – Suburb due diligence

  • how to do due diligence on a suburb.
  • how to intimately get to know your suburb.
  • assessing the 'types' of housing in your chosen area.
  • understanding the suburb 'demographics'.
  • how to identify who are the buyers in your chosen suburb.
  • how to identify what the potential 'buyers' want.
  • creating 'a product' to fulfil 'the demands' of buyers.

Step 3 – Property due diligence

  • how to become an expert in property values.
  • how to establish a 'due diligence' system to help you decide.
  • how to do thorough research on a potential property.
  • understanding 'negative' and 'positive' Price Pockets.
  • street and locality considerations.

Step 4 – Analysing the potential

  • how to quickly assess if a property has Profit Potential.
  • 100+ ways to add Real Value to a property.
  • how to add the Wow Factor to your property.
  • identifying costs of the Project.
  • how to calculate how much profit is in the deal.
  • determining what cash you will need to see the project to completion.
  • how to do a detailed Financial Feasibility.

Step 5 – Acquiring the property

  • creative negotiation techniques.
  • how to get started with no money.
  • ways to find your deals.
  • dealing with Real Estate Agents.
  • how to get on the Real Estate Agents' Favourites List.
  • understanding Vendors and their needs.
  • negotiating on For Sale properties.
  • auctions, how to control them.
  • doing the Deal by creating a Win / Win for all.
  • how to structure and submit offers.
  • understanding Banks and how they work.
  • how to prepare your Finance Proposal.
  • getting Finance to fund your Projects.
  • how to use Valuers to your advantage.

 Step 6 – Creating a higher and better use

  • - how to select an Architect, Building Designer or Draughts Person.
  • - how to brief and work with your Design Team.
  • - the Architectural planning and design process.
  • - pre-development assessments.
  • - the types of development classifications.
  • - understanding LEP's / DCP's.
  • - how to prepare a Development Application.
  • - the Council approval process.
  • - the Construction Certificate Stage.
  • - consultants you will need.

Step 7 – The renovation process.

  • why you do not need construction experience.
  • which role will you play ? A DIY'er or the Project Manager?
  • how to professionally establish your site.
  • managing the time, cost and quality control factors.
  • OH & S responsibilities on site.
  • understanding trades people and their needs.
  • how to establish your team of tradesmen.
  • how to negotiate with Tradies.
  • how to Project Manage your Tradies.
  • working with builders.
  • how to select the right Builder.
  • how to get your Builder working to your timelines.
  • where to find your renovation goods and materials.
  • how to get your materials at the lowest price.
  • the order and sequence of construction.

Step 8 – Project completion.

  • how to create the right 'first impressions' with buyers.
  • understanding why time of year can affect your sale.
  • how to choose between an Auction or For Sale, which way to go?
  • 10 ways to increase your rental yields.
  • how to maximise your sale price or rental return.
  • selecting the right Agent for your property.
  • getting an Agent to work hard for you.
  • the marketing campaign.
  • how to make your property stand out.
  • how to professionally present your property.
  • exchanging Legal Contracts.
  • - process improvements and learnings.

Course Dates and Venues for 2014 are now available. Seats are limited. Submit the Expression of Interest form form to book yourself into the 3 Day Workshop on Renovating Homes for Profit.

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