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Draught and Vermin Stopper Fan Draught and Vermin Stopper Fan $170.00 (Per piece) View & Order this product

This 'Draught and Vermin Stopper Fan' is ideal for bathrooms or laundries and in rooms where mould appears, where you may wish to expel hot air such as the top stairways, rooms in which odours occur and even to encourage subfloor ventilation to minimise dampness and mould.

Why we believe this room ventilation fan is the best of its type on the market:

  • No other fan has moving two semi circular 'wings' which open when in use and close when the fan is turned off. These closed wings stop outside air blowing in and also prevent insects, spiders, bugs or cockroaches crawling in.
  • It has been carefully and cleverly designed for the maximum drawing and exhausting of air, making it the most efficient on the market. This has been achieved by applying the principles of maximum water flow for irrigation.
  • Every component of this fan has been designed and is manufactured in Australia. There are no cheap parts in this fan. It is available in 240 Volt and 110 Volt models so it is a world leader and used extensively overseas.
  • For ease of installation, the high quality ventilation fan is actually a complete system. The Kit comprises of the ventilation fan itself, 3 metres of flexible ducting, a quality external grill with stainless steel mesh which can be mounted on a wall or in an eave and ducting tape.
  • As the components and fan are manufactured in Australia, the fan comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


We sell these 'Draught and Vermin Stopper Fans' Australia wide and Worldwide.

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Expels & ducts unwanted or contaminated bathroom or kitchen air to the outside Has highly efficient ‘vortex’ shaped grill that maximises air flow intake Specially designed 7 blade’ aerofoil profiled fan maximises air extraction, minimises back draught & noise Powerful and quality 35 watt motor designed and made in Australia Supplied pre-wired with a plug attached. It can be also be hard wired by a licensed Electrician. Has a 150mm diameter outlet, to maximise the extraction of unwanted air from bathrooms or kitchens.
Produces an impressive 374 cubic meters of exhaust air per hour (104 litres per second). Has a…
This is a well designed and complete 'high performance' ducted ceiling ventilation system, which looks like a Top Hat. It has a unique integrated 'draught + vermin' blocking feature or 'wings', that automatically and effectively seals off the ducting, when it is not in operation. This both stops down drafts as well as cockroaches and pests from entering in your home or office. This quality product has been highly engineered, designed, tested and 'made' in Australia. It is supplied with 3 metres of flexible ducting and an insect-proof outlet that can be installed in eaves or in walls. The…
Wattage: 35 watts Weight: 1.65 Kg ( 3lb 10oz) Air Movement at Outlet of 3m duct: 55 litres per second (200 cubic feet per minute) Air Movement at Outlet: 104 litres per second (378 cubic feet per minute) Fan dimension: 200mm (8´) Protrusion into Roof: 200mm (8´) Flexible duct supplied: 150 mm diameter x 3 m ( 6´ x 10´) Eave Vent: 180mm x 180mm (7´ x 7´) Plug and power lead: 800mm ( 2´) Australian & New Zealand Approval No. : V06589 Canadian & USA CSA Approval No: 237083
From the room Using the template provided mark and cut the 235 mm diameter hole in the ceiling Remove grill from fan and insert Fan Unit up into the hole created Using a Philips screwdriver, secure the fan by screwing down the 3 locking tabs Replace the grill Install the 'roof' or 'eave' vent, depending on what you decide
From within the roof space If you are replacing an old fan, simple plug the power lead in OR engage an electrician to hard wire it For a new connection, engage an electrician to set it up with a…
Easy to follow instructions The Fan Unit and removable grill An Eave Vent Contains two templates to be marked and cut for the Fan Unit and Eave Vent 3 meters of 150mm diameter flexible ducting PVC Ducting tape
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