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Filters and How it Works

There are two sets of  filters available for purchase.

Set A: 1 x Particulate Filter + 1 x Cyst Taste Odour which filters contaminants up to 5 microns. $77.00

Set B: 1 x Particulate Filter + 1 x Cyst Taste Odour which filters contaminants up to 0.5 microns. $121.00

Both filters are of high quality and performance being made in Australia.

The water is processed through a dual filter system in which runs through two stages of  filtration:

  • Stage 1 - First cartridge is the 'Polypropylene Particulate Pre-Filter' which removes and reduces turbidity, algae, sediment, dirt, rust and particulate contaminantsdown to 5 micron in size.
  • Stage 2 - Second cartridge is the 'Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge' which removes colour, taste, odours, chlorine, and organic matter to produce sparkling fresh tasting water

 Ideally the cartridges should be replaced every 12 months. 

An additional benefit of this integrated system is that the filtered water hose of 3/8ths of an inch, which has a 50% larger diameter than traditional stand alone filter systems of 1/4ths of an inch, results in a faster water flow of 5 litres per minute! What this means is that you can quickly fill your glass, kettle or cooking pot in half the time.

People in the country side may also wish to buy the ‘2 in 1’ MixerPLUS Tap alone and connect their rain water to the second outlet.

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