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If you expereince difficulty enrolling, do call 0433 233 388 or 0403 066 603

Module 1.1: Design Check - 5 Star Energy Rating explanation (3 hours)

For any new home or renovation there are many important design aspects to be considered. There are often cost savings and practical benefits by spending time on getting the design right before commencing. Even if you have already had plans drawn up, can you be sure everything will work or if there are savings to be obtained with small changes? Can you introduce more passive design elements, to use less energy in your home and reduce your electricity or gas bills? This module will explain how passive design can make your home economical to live in, while also covering the different options you have when designing your home, such as using: the services of an architect, building designer, drafts people or trying to do it yourself.

Module 1.2: Estimating, Cost control plus occupational Health & Safety (3 hours)

Very few of us are able to build without budget constraints. Trying to work out what you can do with your funds is very difficult. In this module, you will learn how to calculate the materials and labour costs so you can determine an accurate estimation for your project. As an owner builder, you are an employer running a work place and ‘building site’. You are therefore legally and personally at risk if you fail to provide a safe work place and site. Unfortunately the statistics revealed that there are a high number of injuries on owner builder worksites. You will learn the requirements, precautionary measures, ‘red card’ issues, correct occupational health and safety practices on the work site.

Module 1.3: Off site co-ordination + Administration, On site supervision, Planning & Permits (3 hours)

The processes of obtaining planning and building permits can be long and anguishing for many. You will learn what is required to comply (the other benefit is to minimise delays) and learn how to negotiate your way through the maze. How does an owner builder get sub-contractors to turn up at the right time? When is the right time? On site, can you be sure that work is being done properly and according to plan? In this module you will learn and understand how to manage the building process.

Module 1.4: Specification workshop A - Contracts + Insurances (1 hour)

Don’t get caught in a legal bind. You need to be aware of how to protect yourself against any possible disputes by having fully and properly detailed contracts, drawings and specifications.

Module 1.5 Specification workshop B - Materials & Systems, Identification, Product & Material information (5 hours)

Initially you will learn to discuss how to accurately , complete the critical Specification Book (supplied when you enrol) and the not so ‘pretty’, but very important services such as drainage, plumbing, sewerage, electrical connections and also demolition (if required). You will then look at and discuss examples of different window types, glass types; different flooring systems; methods of termite protection etc, to familiarise yourself with various materials, systems and options available to you.
This session will go through all the options you have when selecting materials and products to use in your home, renovation or extension, and a discussion will take place on the attributes of each so you can determine which best suits your application or needs. For example: Do you need sound proofing or low allergy insulation? The session also takes a brief look at some of the construction types (such as roof structures) and how they might accommodate different heating systems and other structural provisions that need to be made. Mortar joints and colour, ceramic tiles and grouting, stone porcelain, vinyl, natural alternatives.

The aim of the session is to equip you with the information to make wise decisions and understand how to protect yourself with a precisely detailed Specification Book.

If you expereince difficulty enrolling, do call 0433 233 388 or 0403 066 603

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