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Solar Single Panel Portable Recharger Kit

Solar Single Panel Portable Recharger Kit Solar Single Panel Portable Recharger Kit $64.00 (Per piece) View & Order this product

The Solar Single Panel Portable Recharger kit is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use solar recharger or computer via USB charger of rechargeable batteries, which in turn are used to recharge MP3 players, iPods, mobile phones or Bluetooth devices.

This recharger can also charge either AAA nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries, or nickel metal hybridge (NiMH) (one set included) rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be charged either by via the solar panel absorbing energy from the sunlight, or by connecting the unit to your computer by USB jacks, supplied.


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It has one lightweight and durable solar panel that can be easily carried and stored so that you can have mobile solar power wherever you go. The solar panel is extremely thin, light and uses triple junction technology thus being able to generate a continuous supply of power even on cloudy days. It uses a special bypass diode designed to allow best shadow tolerance. It is laminated with weather resistant polymer for harsh climates and anti-scratching.
Carefully insert the two rechargeable batteries supplied into the recharger, ensuring that you correctly position the +ve and -ve ends of each battery, then set the switch to Charging. Decide whether you will be charging the batteries using the solar panel OR by computer via a USB connection. If by solar energy, place the solar single panel in direct sunlight. The typical charging time for one AAA battery is 3 hours, and for two AAA batteries is 6 hours in intense sunlight. When the batteries are charged, they can be used in two ways.: Insert these now charged batteries in your device…
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